Unparalleled access to immersive media, the creators who make it, and the technologies that power it.

Project Overview

June 2019 - Present | Scalable & Responsive Web & Mobile Platform


Fragmented Content

Discovering & Searching

Sharing Immersive Media

Creator Branding & Promotion

Access to Tools & Resources



Centralized Access

Innovative Content Discovery

Adaptable Sharing

Creator Directory

Global Marketplace 

Flows & Functionalities

Onboarding & Registration

Content Discovery & Search

Content Sharing & Management

Profile Customization

Admin & Moderation

Subscriptions & Monetization

User Types

Unregistered User




Core Technologies Used

Figma, Jira, Slack, Zoom, Notion


Product Designer

Product Manager

Founder & CEO


Login & Registration

Keeping it simple and clean. Social authentication or email and password. The goal is to get the user through and to the homepage

Onboarding Flow

After registering you choose to continue on the Free plan or become an Official TOURIT Creator


A mix of dynamic recommendations and diverse carousels keeps the experience fresh and exciting on every visit to TOURIT


A search on TOURIT provides you not only with media results but the creators responsible for those results

Creator Directory

Discover and connect with talent from across the globe

TOURIT Marketplace

Products, tools, services & resources for engaging in the immersive media industry

Content Sharing & Management

One simple form to add all kinds of immersive media, paired with an innovative management dashboard

Creator Profiles

Showcase your brand alongside all of your immersive media, with integrated grid and map views

Media Page

All the information you need , related content, and more from the creator, easily accessible

Additional Tools & Features

Settings/Billing, Release Notes, User Requests form & TOURIT TODAY submission form

Administration & Moderation

A glimpse at our User Management and Class Requests

Explore the final prototypes below

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