Virtual Tours for Co-working Spaces

Co-working spaces are still a new industry that is providing many beneficial solutions for all kinds of industry professionals. However, people still need to understand what these spaces do, and digital marketing/creative content is the key asset necessary to stand out in this market. Not many people stop into these locations and prefer to look online to see pricing, amenities, and inside the space. These features need to be presented in an innovative and engaging way to keep users interested, as it usually only takes 1 click to leave your site and move onto the next competitor in the search results. The first impression online needs to fully represent the quality and brand of the location and a 3D Virtual Tour is the best solution to give interested viewers the transparency and level of detail they are looking for. Let your potential customers fully explore every room, interact with Feature tags to learn about amenities and easily navigate to the most important pages on your site. To be successful in this market, you must win over customers by showing, not telling them why you are a great option. You only get 1 chance to do this online so make sure it’s a good one!

Top 5 Features & Use-Cases:

  • 24/7 Showings for users to explore on their time
  • Take interested customers on an online, live, personalized showing through Zoom or similar
  • Host a live open house with up to 100 guests once a week to engage new customers
  • Use Feature Tags to highlight the amenities your space offers, attach text, photos, videos, URL links, pdf. files audio and more! 
  • Stand out against competitors in your area and better engage your customers online


Virtual Tour
  • Google Street View Publishing
  • Dollhouse View, Floor Plan View, Walkthrough View and Virtual Reality View
  • Guided Tour & Highlight Reel
  • Measurement Tool & Floor Selector
  • Detailed Info Box
  • QR Code for Quick Sharing
  • BI-Weekly Analytics
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Standard Package

Rounded up to nearest 100 sq/ft
$ 0.10 per sq/ft
  • Matterport Virtual Tour
  • Google Street View Publishing
  • All View Modes
  • 3D Floor Plan
  • Branded QR Code
  • Bi-Weekly analytics
  • 1-3 day turnaround

Photo & Feature Tag Package

Rounded up to nearest 100 sq/ft
$ 0.12 per sq/ft
  • Matterport Virtual Tour
  • Google Street View Publishing
  • All View Modes
  • Up to 50 Feature Tags
  • Up to 25 HD Photos
  • 3D Floor Plan
  • 5 Aerial Shots
  • 30 Seconds Aerial Video with Marketing Video add-on
  • Branded QR Code
  • Bi-Weekly analytics
  • 2-5 day turnaround

Additional Value Services

1-3 Minute Walkthrough Video w/Annotations- $99

  • Interior Walkthrough
  • Aerial Video
  • Audio / Music
  • Custom Branding

Let us curate a custom solution for your needs:

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