The mission of KTCHUP STUDIOS is to provide our clients and partners with simple and effective access to the latest media technologies available. At our core is our ability to innovate while consistently bringing new services, value, and technologies to all our clients. Our recent technology developments have allowed us to offer much more in our Virtual Tours and Showcases than when we started and will only expand over time. In 2022 we plan to launch the TOURIT Maps Platform. A central hub for searching and exploring virtual tours in all industries, all over the world. The platform will allow creators to publish and promote their work to the masses while allowing a quick and easy way for new customers to purchase Virtual Tour services from our global Creator Network.

Shane Cullen

Founder & CEO

  • Matterport Service Provider
  • Matterport Capture Contractor¬†
  • Massachusetts Real Estate Agent
  • FAA Licensed Drone Pilot



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